Gold & Coins Buyer in Barberton, OH

Gold BuyerGold is a precious commodity, but when it’s sitting around in the form of old jewelry and the like, it’s not truly valuable. If you’re sitting on gold scraps or bullion, it’s time to trade these in for cash you can actually use! Sydmor’s Jewelry and Loan is your trusted gold buyer in Barberton, Norton, Wadsworth, and Akron, OH, giving you market value cash for your gold.

We don’t just buy gold and silver coins. They can always be used for a quick cash LOAN with no questions asked. Privacy always with a smile, no credit checks. Customers frequently come to us with all of the following different types of metals:

Coins Buyer

  • 10 Karat gold
  • 14 Karat gold
  • 18 Karat gold
  • Platinum
  • Sterling Silver

*Our gold buyers’ offers are based on the current market value of precious metals and the purity of the items brought to us upon valuation.

Coins buyer

Got a rare coin collection that you’re looking to see a return on? Want a professional to evaluate your rare coinage to provide you with an offer that’s worth your while? Sydmor’s Jewelry and Loan has a depth of experience in dealing with rare coins and welcomes both buyers and sellers.

As an experienced coins buyer in Barberton, OH, we’re familiar with both domestic and international coins and we have the expertise to determine value based on a wide range of factors, including rarity, imperfection, condition and more.

Get cash today

We’re prepared to deal in cash when it comes to precious metals and rare coins, and we welcome patrons with these items. When you deal with Sydmor’s Jewelry and Loan, we want you to know you’re always getting a fair and honest quote—one that you can be confident in accepting.

Stop by today to speak with one of our gold buyers regarding your bullion or rare coins and we’ll be glad to consult with you to provide an offer on your gold, jewelry, tools, and more. Or, if you have additional questions, contact us by calling 330-753-6812 today.