How Much Is Your Ring Worth to a Jewelry Store in Barberton, OH?

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When it comes to jewelry—whether an heirloom, a gift or something you bought—it’s best to get some questions answered prior to selling it. For example, some good questions would be, “How much is my ring worth?” and “What are the most helpful sources to research its value?” Of course, you want the best offer for your ring or to get an excellent deal on a ring purchase, so make sure you arm yourself with all the information you need to make a good decision.

Here are a few factors to consider about your ring’s actual value and resale prospects before letting it go to a jewelry store in Barberton, OH:

  • Identify the center stone: Most of a ring’s value lies in the center stone. For this reason, you want to establish the exact kind of stone it is. Often times you can tell what the stone is just from looking at it—diamond, ruby, sapphire, etc.—but ensuring its authenticity is another step. You should find out the main stone’s unique characteristics so you have a leg up when you go into a store to sell it.
  • Know the type of metal: Rings with higher value will be made of silver, gold or platinum. The price of these precious metals will go up or down based on its value for the day. That’s right—the value changes with the market on a daily basis, so the metal value of your ring is dependent on when you sell. Note that there are several different types of gold—yellow, white and rose—but it is the gold’s purity and karat weight that determines its value.
  • Know the ring’s age: Vintage rings (between 20 and 100 years old) and antique rings (over 100 years old) could fetch a higher offer, but a value must be established first. Although you probably have the paperwork and purchase documentation for a newer ring, it’s likely you don’t have paperwork saved for an older piece. Seek a professional with specialized knowledge or check with your local jewelry pawn shop for this info.
  • Show its diamond certificate: If your center stone is a diamond, then you need to know the four Cs: carat weight, color grade, cut grade and clarity grade. This information helps diamond ring buyers to determine a fair price. But don’t assume your diamond is worth any less because you don’t have a diamond certificate—check with a local jeweler for help in this department.
  • Remember where you bought it and how much it was: A good rule of thumb is to expect to get between 25 percent and 45 percent of the original or purchase price. However, this percentage depends on factors like the shop you bought it from and the jewelry designer.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a ring, rest assured that the pawn brokers at Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop will give accurate appraisals and offer fair prices. We invite you to visit our pawn and jewelry store in Barberton, OH. Come check out our impressive range of jewelry, or bring in a piece to sell!

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