Five Reasons to Shop at a Secondhand Musical Instrument Store in Barberton, OH for Guitars and Amplifiers

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The holidays are right around the corner, which means retail stores are in the process of stocking the perfect gifts. You’ll probably see holiday advertisements and sales even before Halloween gets here! Luckily, if you are a musician or know one, Christmas is the best time to shop for instruments and band gear—especially used equipment. Why not give that guitar in the pawn shop window another chance to play music? It costs way less than a brand new guitar and is still in good quality shape. Best of all, you may find one that has only been played a few times, or not at all.

While planning your holiday shopping, consider checking out a local pawn shop for gifts first. Here are five excellent reasons to shop at a secondhand musical instrument store in Barberton, OH for electric and bass guitars and amplifiers:

  • Used is more affordable: The price of a used versus a new instrument can be significantly different, depending on the secondhand store’s specific pricing. It’s not unusual for used price tags to be 25, 40 or even 50 percent less than the cost of new items. This means you can save money on gear and then apply the money you saved to another piece of equipment you need.
  • Used is great for all skill levels: A secondhand musical instrument shop in Barberton, OH is a great place to find electric guitars, electric basses, amplifiers and other gear and instruments for musicians of every skill level. Maybe your child wants a guitar for Christmas—buy used! This way you’re not cringing at every little nick or every drop, because it might already have minute cosmetic damage.
  • Used offers a bigger selection: Maybe the specific instrument you are after is no longer being manufactured, or you like the qualities that come with an older model compared to today’s. The good news is that you will definitely come across all types, brands, levels and prices for electric guitars at a used instrument shop.
  • Used is more sustainable: A well-made instrument will last a long time and play sweetly for years. And since most instruments and music gear made year after year often offer similar quality, why not buy used? It’s more sustainable—it saves trees from being cut down, preserves water and transportation resources and keeps unwanted instruments out of landfills.
  • Used means less worry: Like buying a used car, your secondhand musical instruments will likely already have a few dings, scratches and look a bit worn. Now you don’t have to worry when you start adding your own “marks of character.”

If you are looking for quality secondhand electric or bass guitars or an amplifier to better suit your needs, look no further than Sydmor’s Jewelry & Pawn Shop. We are the area’s premier used musical instrument store in Barberton, OH, offering everything from guitars and keyboards to band and orchestra instruments.

We happily offer free layaway over Christmas, or we can hold a guitar or amplifier while you make payments to own from now until Christmas. Come browse our shop today!

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