How a Visit to the Pawn Shop Can Make You Healthier and Happier

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In the winter months, it is not uncommon for individuals to be struck with seasonal affective disorder, which causes one to feel sad and to have less energy. This is generally believed to be caused by the decrease in sunlight and a corresponding decrease in vitamin D in the blood. When we feel down, we often begin to allow things to stack up. We get behind on our work and our chores. That’s made even worse at Christmas, when we’re filling our homes with new items.

Perhaps you’re one of the many people who are now surrounded by the post-holiday clutter, feeling a little discouraged, like you’ll never get your home back in order. If you are, we’ve got good news for you. For starters, your problem is totally normal—and it’s actually fairly easy to fix.

In this article, we’ll explain why clutter affects our brains so much and give you some tips for getting rid of it.

Decluttering is proven to make you happier

Clutter, generally caused by having too many things around, can be a serious cause of daily stress. When one is surrounded by messes, one’s mind is negatively affected in a number of different ways.

The clutter is inherently a distraction, which can make it difficult to focus. Clutter unconsciously suggests to the brain that there is more work to be done than there is in reality, perhaps more than can be done, exacerbating one’s natural urge to procrastinate, and causing a sense of hopelessness. Clutter is also tied to increases in anxiety and even depression. Another common side effect of clutter is the guilt one feels when they feel constantly behind, or like they’re falling short of expectations.

Luckily, the problem is easy to fix, much easier than it seems right now, when you’re surrounded by clutter. The simple rule is that, if you don’t use it, need it or plan to use it, you should get rid of it. First, sell what you can sell. Donate what you can donate. Recycle what you can recycle. And then trash the rest. Remember, the mess always looks more insurmountable than it actually is, so don’t keep putting it off.

Sell your excess items at the pawn shop first, then try to sell what’s left online

Pawn shops buy electronics, jewelry and scrap jewelry, rare collectables, guns and much more. Pawn shops are known to be somewhat picky, purchasing items that either hold their value or will quickly sell, but you should still visit your pawn shop in Barberton, OH first—even before you try to sell things on eBay—as your pawn shop is likely to give you the best offer.

Once you’ve visited your pawn shop, try to sell any remaining valuable items online. With flat-rate shipping boxes from the U.S. Postal Service, the process is actually quite easy and straightforward. If you’re not up to doing that, you can consider donating what’s left. You may be able to get a charitable giving tax deduction if your donation is sizable enough.

Check the inventory at a pawn shop in Barberton, OH

At Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop, we’re always here to help you get the most money for your pawned or sold item. If you’re decluttering after the holidays, we should be your first stop. We have a pristine reputation, built up over our 68 years as a member of the Barberton, OH community. Come in today and see what makes Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop the best in the business.

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