How You Can Benefit from Buying Jewelry at Local Pawn Shops

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If you adore jewelry of any kind, then the following information is for you! Below we’ll talk about how you can benefit from the relationship between jewelry and your local pawn shop in Barberton, OH.

Benefits of buying jewelry from a pawn shop

People love jewelry. While some people only dress in beautiful pieces of jewelry on special occasions, many folks enjoy wearing jewelry everyday. Then there are collectors who seek out specific types of jewelry to own. Whatever your fancy, you’ll be happy to know that pawn shops regularly have gold, diamonds, new and antique jewelry for sale. But why purchase jewelry from a pawn shop as opposed to a well-known jewelry retailer? Here are some reasons:

  • Buy top brands for less: When a piece of quality jewelry comes to a pawn shop—whether gold, silver, platinum or precious stones—its value is appraised to find out its value and determine a proper resale price. All authentic brand-name pieces go through the same process. However, unlike branded stores, pawn shops don’t charge customers an arm and a leg for the brand, packaging and simply being able to walk into their store. At a pawn ship, you get luxury pieces at lower cost.
  • Take it home the same day: It’s easy to fall in love with a piece of gold or diamond jewelry, but finding the perfect item at a big jewelry store often means having to wait weeks for it to be ready. It has to be sized, customized, engraved and more. The great thing about falling in love with a piece from a pawn shop in Barberton, OH is that you pay for it and leave with it on the same day.
  • Look at a wide and diverse selection: Pawn shops that buy and sell jewelry are able to offer the kind of diverse selection no brand-dedicated jewelry shop can. Sure, big retailers sell traditional pieces and focus on the latest jewelry trends. But you can find some lovely, unique pieces at pawn shops to make your loved one feel special.

Benefits of pawning jewelry in a pawn shop

The most popular reason for wanting to pawn jewelry is to get cash fast. As far as metals go, gold will get you the most cash, and it’s the most sought after type of jewelry by pawn brokers. Here are some benefits of pawning gold jewelry:

  • More valuable: You won’t receive full value for any item you want to pawn. Maybe you’ll only get 50 to 75 percent of what it’s actually worth—unless you have gold. Gold items are likely to sell quickly. That is why pawn shops are happy to accept your gold—and give you more money for it.
  • High demand: Because gold never goes out of style, there will always be a steady market for gold jewelry and watches. Most pawn shops in Barberton, OH regularly get customers looking for gold, so shop owners are willing to give you a good price for your pieces.

Whether you are considering pawning your jewelry or are shopping for a new piece, come on in to Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop!

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