Five Things You Should Know When Pawning Guns in Barberton, OH

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Pawn shops sell a variety of items, from jewelry and watches to tools and sporting goods. But, did you know that some pawn shops also sell guns? And if they sell guns, chances are you can pawn your firearms there. Below are five things you should know when pawning guns in Barberton, OH.

Pawn loans are not different for guns

In general, pawning a gun is no different than getting a pawn loan for any other item. But the process can be confusing for people who have never pawned an item before, which is why we want to share a couple key terms with our customers. First, when a person pawns an item, they have agreed to receive a cash loan from our pawn shop based on its value. This item (your firearm) is called collateral. If you cannot pay back the loan, the shop keeps the collateral. You can also opt to sell the gun instead of pawning it.

Do your own research on the gun’s value

When you bring a gun into a pawn shop, the first thing they will ask is whether you want to pawn it or sell it. Either way, it’s in your best interest to understand the market value of your firearm so you aren’t caught off guard at the pawn shop. Go online or visit local gun shops to learn about the fair market value of your gun. Guns that are more popular will likely get you a higher price than less popular ones, but to get quick cash from a pawn shop may mean accepting a lower number.

Pawn shops want quality firearms

Pawn shops buy all sorts of firearms, including handguns, rifles, shotguns and even antique guns. However, the key to a shop accepting your gun is its quality. Does it still function properly? Are all its parts attached? Has it been well cared for? Guns in like-new condition are very valuable, and so are antique firearms, especially guns from certain time periods or that have proven historical value. If you believe you have an authentic antique gun, make sure to have its history in hand.

Prepare your gun for transport

When bringing a gun into a pawn shop to pawn or sell, make sure it’s unloaded and locked securely in its case. In the shop, you and the pawn broker must handle the gun as if it were loaded. You will also need to bring your firearm license and a valid form of identification so the shop can make copies for their records.

Always get details before pawning a gun

So, you’ve decided to use your gun as collateral to get a pawn loan. Before signing anything, be sure you completely understand the terms and conditions of the offer in front of you. Each shop is different, but you can expect to make a payment every month until the loan is repaid in full.

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