Some Common Reasons Why Firearm Background Checks Fail

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Many Americans go into firearms shops to purchase new or used guns in Barberton, OH every day. However, in the United States, every potential gun purchaser must pass a federal background check. Denials happen all the time for one reason or another, but some denials for ownership are more common than others. On one hand, there are those denied due to mistaken identity or simple misspellings on paperwork. Others, however, are denied on more serious grounds.

Whether or not you want to purchase a gun, it’s good to be in the know as an American citizen. Here are the top reasons why firearm background checks fail:

  • Flagged as a fugitive: You would think that someone who is a fugitive from the law wouldn’t walk into a gun shop and try to buy firearms, but it happens regularly. If a purchaser is flagged as a fugitive, the FBI is notified and they contact the warrant issuer about the person. Sometimes the fugitive has fled the state they are wanted in. Either way, local authorities are notified of the flag and the fugitive, and the gun store that processed the background check is looked into.
  • Untruthful about criminal history: If you want to purchase a firearm but have a criminal history, and you lie about it on the purchasing form, you will be in big trouble. Every single gun purchaser is required to fill out a Firearms Transaction Record prior to starting a background check. People who have been convicted of a crime and lie about it when trying to buy a gun will have committed a new felony. This is punishable by up to five years in prison.
  • Domestic violence orders: Every protection or restraining order for domestic violence stays in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) until removed by the courts—unless the order is permanent. It’s believed that strict gun buying restrictions on people with domestic violence stay-away orders significantly reduces the rate of domestic homicide. It’s important to note that guns are not the only weapons used by domestic abusers to cause harm.
  • Dishonorable discharge: Military misconduct allegations are handled by officials in the armed services’ internal judicial system. The system, however, does not distinguish between misdemeanors and felonies. Since this crosses over to gun bans for civilians, gun background check systems include such military records—dishonorable discharges—as a separate category.
  • Not legally in the country: Not many illegal or unlawful immigrants walk into gun stores to buy firearms, because doing so raises red flags. But you don’t need to be an American citizen to pass a firearms background check. You do need to be in the country legally, however, and be a permanent resident.
  • Mental health assessments: Being diagnosed with a severe mental illness doesn’t automatically disqualify a person from gun ownership. In fact, a judge has to make a legal declaration that a person is mentally unfit to own a gun.

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