Benefits of Shopping Locally for Holiday Gifts

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Shopping during the holiday season is a favorite pastime for many Americans. People like picking out gifts for others and truly enjoy watching loved ones open up presents. If you find joy in giving gifts, but want to give back to your environment and local economy, consider shopping only at local businesses. Going into local stores to buy gifts means your purchases will be more eco-friendly—unlike when buying online, you’ll avoid all that packaging used for shipping. However, there are many more advantages to making purchases from a small brick and mortar business.

Why should you visit a pawn shop in Barberton, OH and other small businesses for holiday gifts this year? It’s good for you, the business and your community. Let’s take look as some of the benefits of shopping locally.

Boost your local economy

Shopping locally for holiday gifts is a big circle. Your purchase puts money toward the business, then that business supports the local community through its tax dollars. Money is reinvested in local small businesses. And you can rest easy during the holidays knowing that your holiday shopping money went to support someone in your community—the business owner and their employees—instead of a large corporation. Local purchases strengthen the local economy, which can lead to local job creation.

Build community identity

When you support local businesses, you are helping to bolster the neighborhood identity. You and others shopping at local businesses helps them stay open and keep going strong as a valued member of the community. A unique community identity can make your town stand out to visitors, attracting them to businesses in your local area. So, shop locally during the holidays and beyond!

Find unique gifts

Whether you are shopping at a small business that makes its own products, a store that sells products from a variety of local artisans or a pawn shop, you are supporting the little guy. The business benefits, your community benefits and giant national chains do not benefit. Shopping locally at smaller retail shops is the best way to find unique, even handmade holiday gifts for loved ones. At pawn shops, you are likely to find unique gifts at fantastic prices, like antique jewelry, collectible coins and musical instruments that would cost a lot more brand new.

Customer service

The holidays are already stressful enough without having to deal with rude sales reps and overpaying for mass-produced items. An often-overlooked benefit of shopping locally during the holidays is good customer service. A small business that wants to stay open has no problem pleasing customers and offering stellar products. Big chains are not going to take the time to get to know you, but the manager of your local pawn shop or small business just might. If you want exceptional customer service, you’ll have a better chance at getting it from a local business.

The holidays are right around the corner—head to your local pawn shop in Barberton, OH early for great deals on a wide variety of unique holiday gifts! For a selection of jewelry, electronics, musical instruments and more, visit Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop. We look forward to helping you cross some items off your shopping list this holiday season!

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