Get Ahead on Holiday Shopping: We Offer Financing and Layaway!

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You might want to plan ahead for the holidays, especially if you get stressed easily or don’t have all the money you need to make a purchase in full. Luckily, your local pawn broker in Barberton, OH might offer financing options. Just look at Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop—we have financing available, and layaway is another possible option! Here’s an overview of what you should know about financing and layaway options at pawn shops.


Finding something you really want is exciting, but not having the money in hand can be a bummer. To take an item home same day, talk to the shop about their financing options:

  • Financing at pawn shops: What does it mean when a business advertises they have “financing available”? Financing is like getting a credit card or a loan, but it’s only for the item you want to purchase. Essentially, using a pawn shop’s financing means that you are buying something from their store on credit. Whether you are approved for a seller’s financing option depends on the price of the item and your credit score.
  • You don’t have to pay it all: When utilizing a seller’s financing option, payment in full is not required. You do not have to pay for the item on the spot. Instead, you are billed monthly (or with whatever frequency the agreement indicates) for a portion of the cost of the item plus interest. Seller financing is most commonly used to finance big-ticket items like expensive jewelry, large appliances, furniture and vehicles.
  • Understand the payments: Maybe you don’t have all the money right now, which is why you might want to sign up for seller financing. Let’s say that after making three payments you come up with the remainder of the cash. Can you pay off the rest of the financed credit or loan? Will you have to pay a fee? Ask about this scenario before you decide to finance an item.


You can find fantastic deals at pawn shops on gold, diamonds, tools, electronics and more. If you don’t have the cash, your local pawn broker in Barberton, OH might offer another type of service to ensure you can get the item you want in the form of layaway:

  • How it works: A pawn broker will set aside the item you want to purchase. They may or may not require a down payment; otherwise, you’ll start making monthly installments on that item. A reputable shop will work with you to determine the amount and monthly payment due date.
  • Our plan: Did you find a high-quality item that would be perfect for you or someone on your holiday shopping list? Simply put 20 percent of the item’s value down and you’re eligible to be a part of our new layaway program!

Come to Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop for all your holiday shopping this year. Talk to one of our team members to get more information about our new layaway program and other financing options!

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