A Look at Some of the Most Popular Items to Pawn

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If you’ve been inside a nicely organized pawn shop in Barberton, OH, then you know it’s like a candy store for adults. Whether it’s clothes, tools, electronics, DVDs, jewelry, collectibles or something else, if you’re looking for it, your local pawn shop probably has it!

Most known items

These are the items you see most often in pawn shops:

  • Electronics: Almost everyone owns at least one electronic device for work or personal use, be it a computer, laptop, smartphone, television or wireless speaker system. New models are being released in record time, and everyone wants the latest and greatest. So, it comes as no surprise that some of the most popular items to take to a pawn shop in Barberton, OH are electronics. Many of the most sought-after and expensive pawned items are Apple products, including the MacBook Pro, iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • Musical instruments: The most popular levels of musical instrument pawned are student and intermediate pieces, which makes sense since kids will either give up playing at some point or want a better instrument as they progress. There is the option to consign your instrument at a music shop, but that requires waiting, if it sells at all. When you pawn it, you get cash right then and there.
  • Jewelry and watches: Some pawn shops specialize in high-end jewelry with precious stones and metals. Diamond studs set on silver, gold or platinum bands are the most expensive pieces of jewelry that get pawned, followed by high-end watches. These items don’t have to be in perfect condition to pawn. Pawnbrokers and customers will buy and fix a piece if necessary.
  • Tools: The most valuable items in this category are working power tools like saws and drills and high-quality lawn and garden equipment. Other tools pawned in U.S. pawn shops are the manual kinds, like post hole diggers, wrench kits and grass/plant trimmers. Pawned tools in good condition and priced right in pawn shops tend to fly off store shelves.

Lesser known items

These items are not accepted by all pawn shops, but are still among the most popular to pawn:

  • Designer clothes and bags: Other items that make up a small percentage of what gets pawned are designer handbags and clothing. The operative word here is “designer” brands, not cheaper or lesser known brands. Think of it this way: you can pawn high-end designer clothes and make a few bucks, or donate them to a thrift shop for nothing.
  • Antiques: Keep an item long enough and someday it will become an antique, but that doesn’t mean they’re automatically valuable. There will come a time when you want to part with old treasures and family heirlooms you have stored in the garage or attic. Across the United States, pawn shops regularly accept collectible items or antique pieces, as long as they have resale value.
  • Guns: You can pawn your guns, and possibly your gun accessories, depending on where you live. Most pawn shops are looking for known brands and collectible vintage firearms. We recommend calling ahead for the shop’s policies on firearms.

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