Five Tips for Pawning Antiques

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A good question many people have is whether they should take their old, possibly valuable items to an antique shop or a pawn shop. The main difference is that an antique shop specializes solely in antiques, while pawn shops decide whether they will accept or buy an antique item from customers. Let’s say you want to pawn an item. Will a pawn shop buy it? How much money can you get for it? Both of these are good questions that are not easily answered. Most pawn shops are owned by individuals who all operate differently from one another, meaning they can accept and pay at their own discretion.

If you have an old item that you’re ready to part with, but aren’t sure whether a pawnbroker will buy it, take it in and ask! Read on for five antique pawning tips from Barberton, OH pawn shop owners:

  • Know how to pawn antiques: Make sure you take the item to a local pawn shop that deals in antiques. You can find this out by going online and doing a search or giving them a call and asking. Find out their antique buying and selling policies before proceeding.
  • Have an idea of what it is: It’s in your best interest to know what you have. The best situation is having documentation showing what it is. Any information helps you and the pawnbroker determine the value of the item rather than having the deal turn into a guessing game.
  • Know what’s wrong with it: Antiques are old, so understandably your item may be damaged or have other problems. Be upfront about any issues you are aware of. This shows honesty and a good sense of ethics, which will appeal to the pawnbroker.
  • Don’t clean it: Of all the horrible things someone can do to an antique, cleaning or polishing it can be the worst. Don’t do this! Pawnbrokers and antique dealers cannot stress this point enough. Owners of such properties tend to clean the wrong way, either ruining the finish or destroying marks that are unique to the piece. These age marks or purposeful impressions are part of the antique’s character and add value most of the time. Leave the item as is, pack it safely, secure it inside your vehicle and bring it to a pawn shop. If the pawnbroker wants the item, they will secure professional cleaning services later.
  • Don’t expect big money: Like selling or pawning other kinds of items, you cannot expect to be offered a ton of cash for your antique. Yes, it may be worth something, but the shop has to be able to make a profit reselling it. It won’t do any good to be a pushy customer. Acting this way makes you suspicious and may make the pawnbroker wonder whether there’s something seriously wrong with the antique. Be reasonable with your approach, be upfront about what you know and let them do a little research, and both of you will likely be satisfied in the end.

We hope these antique pawning tips from our Barberton, OH pawnbrokers have been helpful. Come to Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop for a selection of unique items or to get quick cash!

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