Looking Ahead to the Holidays? Consider Our 90-Day Layaway Option!

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The holidays are right around the corner. Before you know it, it will be time to visit family for dinners and parties—and to exchange gifts. Some people dread the holidays because they dislike buying presents, or they can’t afford expensive gifts for everyone but feel obligated to give anyway.

But there’s no rule that you have to buy brand new items to gift to others. Why not browse your local pawn shop ahead of the holidays? Shop early enough and you can take advantage of pawn shop layaway in Barberton, OH at Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop!

What is a pawn shop layaway plan?

A layaway option at a pawn shop works similarly to layaway at any other store. Layaway programs are different from shopping for items with a credit card, cash or using a retailer’s installment plan. When you pay for something using one of the three aforementioned forms of payment, you get to take your purchase home the same day. With a layaway plan, you make predetermined payment amounts over time, but your purchases are kept in the store until you finish paying them off in their entirety.

The benefits of holiday shopping layaway plans

When your best option is to make smaller payments for merchandise over time, take your business to a place that offers a layaway program. For holiday shopping, layaway plans may be the way to go, and here’s why:

  • Spread out your payments: Choosing pawn shop layaway in Barberton, OH instead of a traditional method of payment allows you to buy everything on your holiday shopping list and pay for it over a few weeks or months. You may not have noticed, but the majority of retailers and pawn shops that have layaway options tend to announce their layaway programs at the start of fall. This gives you substantial time to find all the gifts you need for the holidays and have them paid off completely by December.
  • Avoid the holiday shopping rush: Early-bird layaway programs can help you beat the holiday shopping rush. Just sit back and relax. You’ll have many weeks to pay everything off and take them home to wrap, you’ll avoid Black Friday crowds and Thanksgiving dinner won’t be fuel for holiday stress.
  • No credit card debt: It’s no secret that some people go into credit card debt around the holidays. Cards are easy to use, but not paying them off right away leads to high interest charges. Layaway programs typically don’t charge interest and don’t count as a form of debt.

Pawn shop layaway in Barberton, OH can be a useful thing for people on a budget. Layaway means not having to pay in full when you take your items to the counter—it’s a payment option that takes the stress out of having to choose between buying necessities and a boatload of presents.

At Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop, we offer a 90-day layaway plan for people looking to shop early for holiday gifts. Call or visit our shop today for more information!

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