Popular Styles for Engagement Rings in Barberton, OH

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An engagement is one of life’s most significant milestones, and you want yours to be as perfect as possible. The perfect engagement starts with the perfect ring, but lots of people have a hard time selecting just the right ring style. If you’re finding it challenging to select the perfect ring for yourself or your spouse-to-be, check out the following popular styles for engagement rings in Barberton, OH to get the inspiration you need:

  • Sapphires: While diamonds have long been the mainstay of engagement rings in Barberton, OH, diamond alternatives are becoming increasingly popular. Alternatives like sapphires are beautiful gemstones that give brides-to-be a unique look that they are proud to show off. In addition, diamond alternatives are often less expensive than diamonds, which makes them popular for couples who want to save up for the wedding itself, or for another big purchase.
  • Vintage diamonds: Vintage jewelry is in very high demand. Even new engagement rings are being made with vintage-inspired designs and features that evoke the characteristics of past eras. For a truly authentic vintage look, many people purchase engagement rings in Barberton, OH at vintage stores or pawn shops, where they can find a wide selection of vintage jewelry and engagement rings.
  • Delicate rings: For a long time, huge diamonds and gaudy rings were all the rage, but these days, more and more people are opting for more understated, delicate rings. Small diamonds with thin bands showcase delicate beauty without being over the top.
  • Natural details: Natural details, like unique leaf-shaped bands, are very popular choices for engagement rings. They add a beautiful and authentic element to a ring that makes it stand out from the crowd.
  • Stacking bands: Stacking bands allow you to stack your engagement ring and wedding band to create a uniform, attractive look that is totally coherent. With stacking bands, you can add or subtract bands as desired, depending on your preferences.
  • Geometric designs: Geometric designs and shapes, like hexagons, are popular for people with modern and contemporary tastes. They stand out from traditional engagement rings and can be made with a wide variety of different gemstones, depending on whether the wearer prefers diamonds or diamond alternatives.
  • Double gems: Most people think of engagement rings as having a single gemstone, but some rings are designed with a double gemstone look that adds more visual interest. Many double gemstone rings have two gems of the same type and shape, while others feature different gemstones cut in different shapes that bring even more aesthetic interest to a ring.

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