Hunting with Guns vs. Crossbows

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Hunting season is soon to arrive. Our state has many hunting options available, including whether to choose between rifle hunting or crossbow hunting in Barberton, OH. Both require practice and skill, and each offers distinct advantages and disadvantages. Here are the key differences between them:

  • Range: Rifles have a longer range than crossbows. If you are hunting predator animals (like bear) or you are still learning how to stalk your quarry quietly, you are likely better off purchasing a rifle this year. Many hunters start off with rifles until they have better hunting skills. If you fall in this category, a crossbow will likely just cause frustration as your quarry escapes before you are ready for a shot.
  • Speed: Crossbows take longer to load after you loose an arrow. This is not an issue if you are sitting in a tree stand waiting, but it could be if you are hiking and then suddenly find an opportunity for the perfect shot. Rifles are quicker to load, but also safer to carry while loaded. If you unexpectedly come across the perfect shot, your rifle is likely ready to use.
  • Tactile: The biggest advantage of the crossbow is that shooting one is a very tactile experience. It feels nearly ancient, in a way, as it requires more steps and allows for a more authentic hunting experience. Some hunters like this “close to nature” approach. It is a more personal and direct process than rifle hunting in Barberton, OH. Those who like using their hands often enjoy shooting crossbows more than guns.
  • Accuracy: Both guns and crossbows are accurate. It is easier to shoot a crossbow than a traditional or compound bow. Guns aim about the same way and are also easy to learn. However, if you want a higher chance of harvesting your quarry, you must practice. Crossbows take a little more practice, since you need to know how to handle it as well as shoot it, but it is no more time-consuming than learning a rifle.
  • Cost: Rifles are usually less expensive. They show up in pawn shops much more frequently, and people often give them away in estate sales or pass them down through family members. Crossbows are more difficult to find used, and since their manufacturing process is more complex, you will likely pay more for one. However, there are times when you may be lucky enough to find them on the used market.
  • Size of game: Both rifles and crossbows are safe for hunting large game. No matter which option you choose, though, you must be sure to have the right ammunition and equipment for a big game hunt. Rifles are available in many power levels, and crossbows are measured by poundage. You will need to check the state regulations and discuss options with a sporting goods professional to be sure you purchase the right weapon for your hunt.

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