Looking to Pawn? Here Are the Top Precious Metals!

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There is an almost infinite number of reasons to visit a pawn shop. Maybe you’re looking for some rare goods. Perhaps you have a taste for the eclectic. More often than not, however, when someone heads into a pawn shop for business purposes, it’s because they’re looking for some cash. Are you hoping to get some money for items you never use anymore? Are you hoping to secure a quick loan that you can pay back in rapid succession? These are perfect reasons to visit your local pawn shop.

When it comes to trading in goods, you can’t do better than precious metals. You might think an old comic book or your old guitar would fetch you the most money from a pawn shop, but that isn’t the case. Pawning metals in Barberton, OH is the most surefire way to get a sum of money you can use.

What makes a metal “precious”?

A given metal is determined to be precious based on two primary factors. The first is straightforward: how rare is the metal? If there isn’t a lot of it, you can bet it’s pretty valuable. The second factor that impacts a metal’s value is more subjective: how pretty is it? Traits like shine, reflectivity and durability can all affect the overall cost of a metal.

So, which of the popular pawning metals in Barberton, OH are worth the most?


You’ve no doubt heard of gold and platinum, but what about rhodium? Valued at just under $70 a gram, rhodium is known for its brilliant luster and its impressive durability. Rhodium stands up to corrosive materials like a champ, and it maintains its shape at temperatures that would leave platinum just a puddle of metal.


Easily the most popular precious metal in the world, gold has enjoyed an uninterrupted reign since it was first discovered and used as jewelry more than a thousand years ago. Today, gold has lost none of its popularity. It is currently worth about $54 a gram, making now a great time to sell gold in Barberton, OH.


Platinum is used for a vast number of tasks because it is both pliable and durable. It’s nice and shiny, too. That’s why platinum clocks in at about $25 a gram.


Another extremely common precious metal, silver has been used for years because of its unique shine and subdued beauty. Unfortunately, at about 50 cents a gram, the price of silver doesn’t hold up nearly as well as those of some of its counterparts.

A good deal at a great price

If you’re looking to pawn precious metals in Barberton, OH, you won’t find a better deal than at Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop. Since we opened our doors in 1949, we have taken pride in helping our community unearth treasures and secure a little money when they need it. We offer a wide variety of jewelry, guns, electronics, musical instruments and so much more! We also provide cash loans.

We’re proud of our reputation and our place within the community. Stop by or give us a call today to find out why.

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