Gun Storage Safety Tips During COVID-19

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With the United States battling a pandemic, we have needed to change so many everyday behaviors to keep our communities safe and healthy. Now that more people are working remotely and kids are at home instead of in school, gun owners need to consider the safety precautions they are taking with their firearms. During the COVID-19 pandemic, gun storage in Barberton, OH is critical for keeping your loved ones out of harm’s way.

How have things changed?

In many communities across the country, COVID-19 closed down schools as far back as March. While the debate to send students back to school in the fall rages on, new data reveals that an estimated 4.6 million children and teenagers are at home with unsecured, loaded guns. As parents struggling to balance entertaining their kids and working full time, gun safety in Barberton, OH is more important than ever.

Maybe you are fortunate to have child care arrangements for your little ones, but if you are like many parents right now, you are relying on your kids to be on their best behavior as you focus on your job, either in another room or out of the house and on-site. To ensure a tragedy doesn’t occur, you need to take crucial steps to secure any gun or weapon in your home.

Protecting your children from unintentional shootings and suicide

Hospital Pediatrics recently published findings that revealed 39 percent of parents falsely believed their children did not know where their guns were stored. Additionally, 22 percent thought their kids had never touched a firearm. With limited options for getting out of the house this year, safe gun storage in Barberton, OH could be the difference between life and death for your children. Here are some things you can do to protect them:

  • Store guns without ammunition: To properly store firearms and ammunition in your home, you’ll actually need two separate secure locations. All guns should be unloaded and stored in a place that is secured with a lock. Then, store ammunition in a different place, also locked away.
  • Do not give your kids access: Your children should not have the keys or access codes to the storage places you have for your guns and ammunition. If they know how to get in there, their curiosity may get the better of them, which is how so many sad stories begin.
  • Purchase the right storage system: You have many options when it comes to gun storage in Barberton, OH. Every home and every family is different, so it’s important to make an informed decision when you buy your storage system.
  • Remove the temptation: The vast change to routine has increased cases of depression and suicidal thoughts in many people, including young ones. If your child or teen is working through these issues, find a safe place outside of your home to store your guns and ammunition.

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