Best Summer Jewelry Trends

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It felt like it would never happen, but summer is finally here. The sun is out and the temperature is warming up, so we can ditch the heavy coats and sweaters for lightweight clothes. Especially when you aren’t bundled up in multiple layers, it’s so important to accessorize every outfit you wear. When shopping for summer jewelry in Barberton, OH, look for these sizzling trends to really make a statement when you step out.

The summer trends in jewelry you don’t want to miss

Every season, jewelry trends in Barberton, OH change, making it quite the challenge to keep up. Not to worry, though—you’ll look perfect for summer with these style tips:

  • Dress up your feet: Everyone is wearing sandals when the weather heats up. One of the most enjoyable summer jewelry trends in Barberton, OH is anklets and toe rings. Whether you are heading out to run errands or attending a formal event, an anklet and/or toe ring is a unique way to take your look from nice to beautiful.
  • Bright jewel tones: From jewelry crafted with real gemstones to pieces made with enamel, beads or other materials, opt for brighter colors. Shades like coral and turquoise are the perfect pops of color you need on a sweltering summer day.
  • Shorter necklaces: Younger women are wearing lots of chokers this season. For some people, that isn’t particularly comfortable or flattering. However, shorter necklace lengths can provide you with the comfort you need while still looking fashionable and chic.
  • Big earrings: A delicate, shorter necklace looks fabulous paired with big earrings. From hoops to drop earrings, let loose with your ear accessories. Also, if you have more than one piercing in your ear, don’t be afraid to wear big earrings in other holes.
  • Yellow and rose golds: These gold tones look incredible in the summer sun and even better against sun-kissed skin. There are so many options available in yellow and rose gold for summer jewelry in Barberton, OH.
  • Inspired by the sea: Even if you can’t get away this summer, you can still embrace the beauty of the beach with your jewelry. Look for pendants in ocean-inspired shapes. Play around with freshwater pearls. Maybe you can even find a one-of-a-kind bauble that incorporates seashells.
  • Personalized pieces: Whether it incorporates your initials or your entire name, personalized jewelry continues to be a huge trend. From nameplate necklaces to tiny studs with the first letter of your name, you can find personalized pieces at many retailers and pawn shops.
  • Layered jewelry: Load up on rings, bracelets, anklets, rings and necklaces. Choose one and go wild! Have a ring (or two) on every finger. Wear bracelets up to your elbow with an arm cuff further up. Layer on your favorite pieces to complement one another. This is one of the jewelry trends in Barberton, OH that works well year-round.

Feeling clueless as you shop for summer jewelry trends in Barberton, OH? That’s completely understandable. For over seventy years, people have trusted the experts at Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop to help them find the perfect piece for themselves or for someone special. Get in touch with us today if you’re shopping for jewelry and need some assistance.

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