Power Tools You Can Pawn and How to Do It

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Power tools are an example of a great, highly pawnable item. They’re constantly in demand, and hold their value well. This is especially true for the higher-quality brands, which are capable of withstanding years of use and wear and tear. You’re generally able to get a very good cash return when pawning a good set of power tools in Barberton, OH.

When it comes to the kinds of tools you can pawn, what makes the biggest difference is the brand of tool, rather than the type of tool. You can pawn just about any type of tool, but if it’s an unreliable brand, it’s not going to be quite as desirable.

Examples of some of the most desirable brands include Milwaukee, DeWalt, Bosch and Marita, while some of the least desirable brands include Ryobi, Rigid, Stanley, Dremel and Craftsman.

Common tools people bring in to pawn include power saws, drills, routers, sanders, air compressors, nail guns and more.

Steps to take when pawning power tools

If you’ve decided to pursue pawning your tools in Barberton, OH, there are certain steps you’ll want to take to maximize the amount of money you can get for them. Here’s a quick overview of what you should do:

  • Clean them: Before you bring your power tools into the pawn shop, you should give them a thorough cleaning, removing dirt, grease, dust and sawdust. This will make them look like you’ve taken good care of them, and a well-cared-for set of tools will fetch you more money from a pawn shop. Of course, you can expect the pawn broker to test the tools out, but a good, clean appearance can only help you.
  • Gather manuals: You can get more money for your power tools if you also have the manuals that go with them, because they’re going to be important for the next owner. While the manuals are generally available online for download, the convenience of having a physical manual is important to would-be buyers, and creates a more “complete” product for the pawn shop.
  • Pack everything up: If possible, find the original case for the tool, and make sure you’ve got all of the components that go with it. This includes extra batteries, replacement drill bits or saw blades, the charging port and any other parts that may have come with the tool. If you purchased extra accessories, you can also include those to make the package even more attractive for the pawn broker.
  • Make sure everything works: Again, you can expect the pawn broker to test any power tools you bring in to their shop, but it’s worth your while to test everything yourself before you package it up to make sure you’re not wasting their time. If you’ve got a bunch of broken tools, you can’t expect the pawn broker is going to want to take them.

For more tips and information about pawning or selling power tools in Barberton, OH, we encourage you to contact Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop or visit us today.

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