What Is an FFL Transfer?

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An FFL transfer is a federal firearms license transfer, which is part of the gun buying process. Everyone involved in the purchase and sale of firearms and ammunition is required to have an FFL. In turn, part of the FFL regulations requires sellers to perform a background check on gun buyers, in order to verify their identity and make sure they are eligible to purchase firearms and ammunition.

If you’re interested in buying guns, it benefits you to learn more about FFL transfers in Barberton, OH and how they work. Read on for an overview of the process.

Why you need an FFL transfer

Some states have laws that allow private parties to sell guns to each other, or buy guns online. However, you’ll still need an FFL transfer, just as if you’d bought the gun from a local commercial store. The dealer will run the background check and comply with all state and local regulations, just as if they were the gun seller.

Contrary to popular myth, FFL transfer is not a gun registration process. The United States does not register firearms, but some states may require it. That process is separate from the federal firearms license transfer.

FFL transfers are required for gun sales, including online sales. Be aware that most online stores cannot directly ship guns to consumers, so you’ll need to arrange the FFL transfer with a local gun store before you can take possession of the firearm.

How the process works

First, you’ll need to find an FFL dealer near you, like Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop. FFL transfers cost about $25 to $30, depending on the dealer. Call ahead of time and ask what they would prefer when making a gun sale—no one appreciates random guns appearing at their shop. This is especially important when having a gun shipped from an online seller.

Next, you’ll need to get a copy of their FFL to show the seller (required if it’s a dealer, but you may be able to skip this step if it’s a private party). Some dealers will fax the license for you.

When the dealer has the gun and has logged it in their inventory—which can take several days—you can come to the store for your background check and to pay any applicable taxes and fees. Once you’ve done the paperwork, that’s it—the gun is legally yours.

Please note that if you’re buying items regulated under the National Firearms Act (NFA), like short barrel rifles, shotguns or silencers, the process will be more involved. Make sure that your FFL dealer is licensed to handle NFA purchases and the additional paperwork that comes along with it.

Interested in buying guns? Already bought a gun and just need the FFL transfer to make it official? Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop can perform gun transfers in Barberton, OH. We pride ourselves on having over seven decades of experience offering great customer service, whether you’re buying or selling jewelry, firearms or any of the other products we carry. Stop by or call today to learn more.

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