The Three Most Common Types of Crossbows

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Did you know that crossbows have been in use since around 500 B.C.? They were invented in Asia around that time, but weren’t seen in Europe until around 100 A.D. Crossbows fell out of favor as military weapons with the invention and popularization of modern firearms, but they are still in use today for hunting and recreational target shooting in Barberton, OH.

There are three main types of crossbows: compound, recurve and rifle crossbows. Some look like what you’d imagine a crossbow to look like, and some look quite different. All of them have modern innovations to make them easier to use and more effective than crossbows of yore.

Compound crossbows

The compound crossbow is arguably the most common type. That may be because it can usually be found at a lower price than the others, but it’s also very functional and durable.

This crossbow features a curved bow with cams at the end of each arm. The strings are routed around the cams like a pulley system to make drawback easier, reduce vibration and limit the amount of recoil you feel when shooting.

Shooting this crossbow is not complicated. It involves pulling back the string to its lock, loading a bolt, aiming and then pulling the trigger.

Recurve crossbows

Out of all modern crossbows, recurve crossbows are the most similar to those first crossbows used in 500 B.C. But don’t let the visual similarity fool you—today’s recurve crossbows are very much a modernized version of the first iteration of this weapon.

This type of crossbow is called “recurve” because the ends of each are curve outward. The string is held in place at the tip by this outward curve, which provides safety and durability. Many recurve crossbows today are made of aluminum alloy, though some include other lightweight materials like carbon fiber or magnesium.

This type of crossbow has the shortest string lifespan because it uses the most pressure. It’s also larger and typically heavier than other types of crossbows.

Rifle crossbows

A rifle crossbow does not look like a traditional crossbow at all. While it has cams on the ends of its arms like a compound crossbow, its arms have been pulled into more of a half-moon shape. This gives the rifle crossbow its name since it has a more streamlined, thin profile.

This type of crossbow is the most accurate and powerful, though it’s also the most complex of the three main types. It has enhanced sights and a fiber-based frame, it’s almost completely silent and it can hit targets up to 250 feet away.

Used crossbows

One thing to check out if you buy a used crossbow is the strings. Strings are the part that will wear out first, and need to be replaced periodically to keep a crossbow in good shape and avoid the string from snapping.

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