Do Pawn Shops Check to See if Guns Are Stolen?

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Pawn shops are subject to the same laws as all firearms dealers. If you’re planning on pawning guns, or buying guns from a pawn shop in Barberton, OH, you should know that all gun sales here are regulated by the same state and federal laws that apply to every gun retailer.

To sell or buy a gun, a pawn shop must be a Federal Firearm Licensee. Pawn shops must also keep detailed transaction records about gun sales, including information about the seller of the gun, the gun’s model number and its serial number. All pawn shops are required to report suspicious activity around firearms to authorities, as stipulated by the Patriot Act.

Pawning guns

If you are planning on pawning a gun, it must be done at a shop that is a Federal Firearm Licensee. Minors are not allowed pawn firearms, but paintball and airsoft guns are fair game.

Because of all the regulations around firearms, you cannot pawn a gun that is not registered in your name (you will be asked for ID). If a gun has been reported stolen, the pawn shop is required to report it to authorities. Pawning stolen guns is illegal in Barberton, OH and throughout the United States.

Even if you are pawning a gun that you own, and you have identification and ownership records to verify this, you will still need to pass a background check to get it back. While pawning is different than selling or buying (more on that below), state laws across the country require background checks to obtain a firearm. You will need the same paperwork required when first purchasing the gun to get it back after pawning it.

If you’re planning on pawning or selling a gun, make sure to prepare it first. Empty all ammunition from both the magazine and the chamber. Keep it unloaded in a safe carrying case, and do not point it at anyone when removing it for inspection. Make sure to clean it thoroughly before bringing it in.

You should have a general idea of the value of your gun before pawning it. If the gun is an antique or has historical significance, be sure to know the history and any details that may be relevant.

Pawning vs. selling

Pawning is different than selling. If you pawn a gun or any other item, it’s considered collateral for a loan given to you by the pawn shop. If you don’t repay this loan, the pawn shop gets to keep the collateral.

When you sell something to a pawn shop, you cannot get it back without purchasing it at a price set by the store, which will be more than you sold it for. This is different than pawning something, because when you pawn something you can bring back the money (loan) you received for it within the loan period and get the item back.

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