Add Some Color to Your Jewelry Collection This Spring

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Now that spring is here and we’re that much closer to enjoying social activities once more, it’s time to think about upgrading your jewelry collection with the newest spring jewelry trends in Barberton, OH. What better place to score a deal than your local pawn shop?

Many people don’t realize that they can get a great deal on fine jewelry at a pawn shop. Not only are there premade pieces to choose from, you can also select loose diamonds and other precious stones to make your own unique pieces.

2021 spring jewelry trends

Here are some of the most popular spring jewelry trends for 2021. Which one will you pick?

  • Chunky, oversized chains and hardware: Statement jewelry has been popular for years now, but this year, the emphasis is on big, chunky metal chains and hardware. Think ‘80s Dynasty levels of bling: if Alexis Carrington wouldn’t wear it while pushing someone down the stairs, it’s not big enough. Precious metal chains are particularly trendy right now. Look for pieces with bold, unusual clasps and other hardware.
  • Pearls: Pearls are a classic for a reason—there’s nothing quite like their timeless luster. However, 2021’s pearl trends aren’t your basic sorority pearls. Look for large freshwater pearls and other big, bold pieces. Stack delicate pearl-accented jewelry for a different type of “more is more” look.
  • Single earrings: We have good news if you have any single drop earrings lying around in your collection: the single earring is back. You can wear one long drop earring by itself, or pair it with a stud earring in the other ear. Harry Styles recently made the trend popular for men as well as women, so anyone should feel free to try the look themselves.
  • Big bangles: Big, solid metal bangles are another great piece of statement jewelry to try. Opt for precious metals in bold, asymmetrical designs—they’ll instantly draw the eye, especially when you gesture or move. They look equally great with any type of outfit, whether understated or pattern-heavy.
  • Spherical pieces: Spheres are in, especially metal ones. Consider gold or silver balls to adorn your necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even rings. It’s a fun, geometric pattern that goes with nearly any type of personal style.
  • Long necklaces and pendants: Finally, long necklaces and pendants are back. They look great with flowy tops and dresses, and can add some movement to fitted garments. Again, metal dominates the trend—look for big pieces in silver, cold or other precious metals for a perfectly on-trend look.

Finding the perfect fine jewelry for spring is easy in Barberton, OH—just stop by Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop. We buy and sell fine jewelry, including an assortment of loose diamonds and other gemstones. Find your own perfectly-on-trend piece, or design your own.

Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop has been selling jewelry, coins, tools, electronics, guns and more since 1949. Whatever you’re looking to buy or sell, we can help. Call or come see us today to learn more.

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