Tips on Purchasing Guns from a Pawn Shop

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There are many reasons you might want to purchase a new-to-you gun from a pawn shop. Pawn shops offer great deals and usually have a wide selection of guns and ammunition available. You can even haggle with some pawn shops, allowing for an even better deal. It’s important to consider several things when buying guns from a pawn shop, though. Read on to learn about these considerations and ensure you’re making a smart purchase.

Make sure the gun is legal

It’s important to learn about all the gun laws in your state before purchasing one, as these laws differ from state to state. Once you’re well informed on local gun laws, you can easily check if the pawn shop has a proper license to sell firearms. These gun licenses are required in all states, so if the pawn shop you’re visiting doesn’t have a license to sell guns, it’s best to move on.

There are certain restrictions on gun sales that all states have to abide by. This is true even in states where pawn shops don’t have to require background checks. Properly checking the laws in your state will help ensure you don’t waste your time trying to buy a gun that you legally can’t.

Give the gun a good inspection

Since pawn shop guns aren’t usually brand new, it’s especially important to give them a proper inspection. This involves disassembling the gun and checking all its parts. There are several things to look for when inspecting a gun, including damage, dirt and poor operation. Damages like crack and rust could prevent a gun from operating properly. The best way to check the gun for these types of damage is by holding it up to a light and examining it closely.

A proper gun inspection can vary greatly based on the type of gun you’re buying. This is especially true when looking at antique guns. That’s why it’s usually good to have a gun expert at your side. This could be anyone in your life who’s well experienced with guns.

Avoiding stolen guns

Most pawn shops will avoid selling stolen goods, as this could wind up getting them shut down. However, sometimes, things can slip through the cracks. The good news is that you won’t be in any legal trouble if it’s discovered that the gun you purchased was stolen.

Visit a reputable pawn shop

When considering buying a gun or ammunition from a pawn shop, it’s best to visit a shop with a good reputation. This will help prevent the possibility of overpaying for a gun or purchasing a gun that will break on you after a few uses. Some pawn shops even have a gun expert on staff who will be able to offer plenty of advice. This is especially helpful if it’s your first time purchasing a gun.

Follow the gun buying tips mentioned above and you’re sure to make a great purchase. If you’re a Barberton, OH resident looking for some of the best prices on guns, visit Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop today.

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