The Best Items to Pawn for Cash at Your Local Pawn Shop

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One of the biggest benefits of selling your items to a pawn shop is that you can get some quick cash in hand. Pawn shops will accept just about any type of valuable item and give you a collateral loan in return. The loan amount depends on how much your item is worth.

Here are a few of the items pawn shops are most likely to want, and that you can get good money for when you pawn them for cash:

  • Jewelry and precious metals: When most people think about pawn shops, they probably first think about gold and jewelry. Gold holds its value quite well, so if you have any gold items locked away somewhere you can get a strong return for them. Make sure you are familiar with the current value of gold before negotiating a collateral loan for your gold items. In addition, make sure you only work with pawn shops licensed to work with gold. So long as you’re working with a reputable pawn broker, gold and jewelry should be able to fetch you a good return.
  • Guns and other weapons: Approximately one third of American adults own a gun, so there is a large market of gun owners and enthusiasts who will be happy to purchase weapons from a pawn shop. Guns retain their value more than a lot of other pawnable items, so you can usually get a good deal for weapons that are kept in good condition. Make sure you work with a pawn shop that is licensed to sell firearms.
  • Artwork: Art often has sentimental value, but in some cases it might actually have some financial value as well, especially if it’s an original piece by a popular artist. If you have such a piece of art in your possession, you may be able to get some good money for it from a knowledgeable pawn broker.
  • Power tools: If you have power tools lying around that you don’t use, you can get some quick cash for them at pawn shops. Make sure to clean them up first, and then package them up with all their accessories, including batteries and attachments. Many people purchase used power tools from pawn shops as a way to save money, so you can always find pawn shops that are willing to purchase these items if they’re in decent condition.
  • Instruments: If you have any musical instruments lying around your home that do not get played, you can take them to a pawn shop and get some good money for them. Get a sense of the instrument’s value first—if it’s an antique it may be worth more. You should also check online auctions and sales to see what the instrument typically goes for before negotiating a price with the pawn broker.
  • Smart devices: Pawn shops often sell smart devices, such as phones, tablets and other accessories. Just make sure you reset phones and tablets to factory settings before handing them over.

For more information about the best items to pawn for cash, contact the team at Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop today.

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