The Most Expensive Items You’ll Find in a Pawn Shop

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A pawn shop is the perfect place to catch a deal on expensive items—but just because you’re looking for certain items in a pawn shop, doesn’t mean you’ll find them cheap. There are many items that remain expensive no matter where you buy them from.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of the highest priced items in a pawn shop.

Most firearms

Many people buy all their firearms from pawn shops. This is because good pawn shops usually have a variety of guns available, all at better prices than you’d find in retail stores. That said, guns will likely be some of the most expensive items on display at that pawn shop. This is especially true when it comes to some antique firearms.

Rifles are usually the most expensive, though it depends on the pawn shop’s actual supply. Just be sure to properly check the gun you’re interested in before making a purchase. You may even want to have a gun expert come shopping with you.

Precious metals and gold

It’s no surprise that gold items are often very expensive. Precious metals that fetch a hefty price include silver, rhenium, osmium, iridium and ruthenium. These items are especially expensive if they were made into jewelry like necklaces or rings. If you’re looking to sell any of these precious metals, you’ll likely get a good price at a reputable pawn shop. Pawn shops also offer great pricing options when it comes to buying jewelry.

Cars and other vehicles

Not many people realize, but some pawn shops actually sell vehicles. When people want a quick and easy way to get cash for their old vehicles, they’ll take them to pawn shops. Pawn shops usually have the vehicle inspected to ensure that they’re offering the right price. Trustworthy pawn shops are actually great places to find used vehicles if you’re on a strict budget. Visit your local pawn shop to see what vehicles they have in stock.

Power tools

Power tools are easy to buy and sell at most pawn shops. If you’ve ever been to a home supply store, you know how expensive power tools can be. While some stores offer power tool rentals, it’s always best to have your own, which is why many people buy them from pawn shops.

While power tools are some of the most expensive items in a pawn shop, you’re sure to find the best price there. Pawn shops also often have a vast supply of power tools, so you should easily be able to find the exact tool you need.

While the items mentioned above are always expensive, you’ll likely find the best price for them at a pawn shop. Buying from a reputable pawn shop is usually better than purchasing from a random online dealer.

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