Things to Know About Bringing Your Gun to a Pawn Shop

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Do you need some extra money? Have you been considering pawning that old gun that’s been sitting on your shelf for years? While pawning a gun is usually an easy process, there are some things you’ll want to consider. For example, it’s best to have a sense of the true value of your gun before ever setting foot in a pawn shop.

Read on for everything you need to know about pawning a gun.

Receiving a loan from a pawn shop

In many ways, pawning a gun is barely different from pawning any other item. The pawn shop will give you a loan based on the value of your gun while holding onto it as collateral. If you’re unable to pay back the loan by the agreed-upon date, the pawn shop can legally keep your gun.

The time you have to pay back your loan can vary. However, most pawn shops give you somewhere between 30 and 60 days to pay back the loan.

You may also want to consider selling your gun, especially if you think you’ll be unable to pay back the loan. Selling your old guns is a great way to make some quick and easy cash. You can even sell your old guns to make some room on your gun shelf for newer models.

What types of guns can I pawn?

Some pawn shops vary on the types of guns they’ll take. That’s why it’s best to call ahead before bringing your gun to a local pawn shop. If one pawn shop doesn’t buy the type of gun you’re selling, you can simply call another one. Chances are, there’s at least one pawn shop in your area that will buy your gun.

Determining the value of your gun

It’s always best to do some research on the value of your gun before taking it to a pawn shop. You don’t want to end up getting cheated out of several hundred dollars just because you didn’t do your research. Do an online search of your gun in its current condition. See how much other people are selling it for and use this as a base for the selling price you have in mind.

It never hurts to have an expert appraise your gun. This is one of the best ways of determining exactly how much your gun is worth. Look up appraisers in your area and contact one of them about your firearm.

Preparing a gun to pawn

There are several simple steps you’ll want to take before bringing your gun to a pawn shop. Unload your gun and secure it in a case. Be sure to also bring along your gun license.

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