Deer Hunting for Beginners – The Basics

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You don’t need to come from a family of hunters to become an expert deer hunter. Many deer hunters actually state that most of the strategies that work for them are self-taught or borrowed from friends. Many also claim they constantly learn new tricks and share ideas with other deer hunters.

So, what exactly do you need to know as a beginner, and what strategies should you implement to become a successful deer hunter in Ohio? This article explains everything you need to know to start deer hunting.

Can You Hunt Deer in Ohio?

Ohio deer hunting regulations are straightforward. It’s crucial to read and comply with the rules and regulations before you start. Hunting deer in Ohio is legal if you have a license. All hunters must have a valid hunting license and an additional game-specific permit if they are hunting deer, waterfowl, or turkey. You must buy an either-sex deer permit or deer management permit to hunt deer in Ohio. You can also hunt deer in your backyard, but your property must meet the state minimum acreage requirements. The hunter must also complete Hudson’s deer application process. You’re also allowed to hunt not more than four deer.

How To Prepare for Deer Hunting in Ohio

Before you leave, make sure you have a plan. Have a list of the things you need, including your license, tags, and safety course. Check the weather and also notify someone close about where you’re headed. Dress appropriately for the environment you will be walking in. It’s usually cold in the morning and evening, but quite hot during the day. Wear boots and bring a cap and neck warmer in case the weather changes.

Tips To Help You Get Off to a Productive start

Hunting deer doesn’t have to be trial and error. It’s crucial to conduct research about the animal and create a plan. Have more than one strategy until you get the one that works for you.

Learn To Be Silent

How you walk, breathe and move your body determines whether you’ll ever catch a deer or not. A deer can hear a lot better than humans. Practice making as little noise as possible and avoid making the stepping sound of two feet. Stop for several minutes if you accidentally make a loud noise while hiking.

Get Rid of Your Smell

A deer can smell you from a distance. Taking a shower and washing your hunting gear isn’t enough. You need to use a specific odor-neutralizing soap and detergent. If you’re carrying a lot of gear around, dig a hole and bury everything you don’t need somewhere safe to mask the smell. Get a cover-up deer scent and bring it with you to the woods so you can apply it throughout your hunt.

Put Your Traps Up Early in the Hunting Season

Before you actually go out to hunt, set up your traps early in advance. You can do this one or two weeks before your hunting day. Deer, particularly the older mature ones, know their surroundings. They can notice changes and avoid crossing those paths.

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