The Right Way To Clean Your Rifle After a Hunt

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Owning and using a gun for hunting is a big responsibility. Not only do you need to be knowledgeable about gun safety, but you also need to understand the correct steps for cleaning gun after hunt. Failing to clean your gun properly can result in decreased accuracy, increased wear and tear on the gun, and potentially dangerous consequences.

Review the tips below for your safety.

1. Unload the Gun

Check the chamber and magazine to make sure they are both clear of ammunition before proceeding with any cleaning. Having ammunition in the gun or anywhere nearby is an accident waiting to happen.

2. Disassemble the Gun

You will need to disassemble the gun to properly clean it. Depending on the type of gun, this can be a simple or complicated process. In general, you will need to remove the stock, action, and barrel from the gun.

3. Clean the Barrel

The barrel is the most important part of the gun to clean. A dirty barrel can decrease accuracy and cause all sorts of problems. Use a cleaning rod and patch holder to run a cleaning patch down the barrel soaked in gun solvent.

Work from the breech (chamber end) to the muzzle (barrel end). Rotate the patch as you go to ensure you are not just moving the dirt around. Once the patch comes out clean, run a dry patch down the barrel to remove any residual solvent.

4. Clean the Action

The action is the second most important part of the gun to clean. A dirty action can cause misfires, among other problems. Use a brush and gun solvent to scrub the action clean, paying special attention to the bolt face and magazine well. Once the action is clean, use a dry cloth to remove any residual solvent.

5. Clean the Stock

The stock is the least important part of the gun to clean, but it should still be cleaned regularly. Scrub the stock clean with solvent, paying special attention to any areas that come into contact with your skin or clothing.

6. Reassemble the Gun

Once all of the parts of the gun are clean, you can reassemble it. You will need to install the barrel, action, and stock in the reverse order that you took them off. Then store and lock the gun in a cool and dry place.

What You Should Not Do

When cleaning a gun, never:

  1. Clean a loaded gun.
  2. Use water to clean it since it can rust the metal parts of the gun.
  3. Use an oil-based cleaner on the bore as oil will attract and hold powder residue, leading to decreased accuracy.
  4. Use a wire brush on the bore of the gun as this can damage the rifling.
  5. Use compressed air to clean the gun as this can blow dirt and debris into sensitive areas, like the action.

In conclusion, following these rifle cleaning tips will help you to properly clean your gun after a hunt and keep it in good working condition. Remember, a clean gun is a safe gun.

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