How Do Lab Grown Diamonds Compare to Natural Diamonds?

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Whether you’re looking to pop the question for your (hopefully) future spouse or you are upgrading an engagement ring after years together, you might be wondering about the differences between lab and natural diamonds. When it comes to evaluating lab diamonds vs natural diamonds, you’ll find that they share more similarities than differences. No matter what your reason for wanting to get diamonds is, we’ve listed out some key differences and similarities between the two types of diamonds to help you make the best choice for you and your loved one.

Differences between lab and natural diamonds

When looking at lab-grown and natural diamonds, even an experienced expert in gemology would be hard-pressed to distinguish the two without specialized equipment. After all, on a gemological, visible, and chemical level, lab diamonds and natural diamonds are essentially identical. The technology used to create lab-grown diamonds is so advanced that there are hardly any differences between the two types of diamonds. 

The main difference between lab diamonds and natural diamonds is the price. Lab-grown diamonds were initially higher in cost for consumers than natural diamonds when they were first rolled out. Those purchasing lab diamonds used to be able to expect to pay upwards of 20% more in price at the jewelry counter than those opting for natural diamonds. Since the supply of natural diamonds is dwindling due to the multi-billion-year process it takes to create diamonds, the availability and supply of lab-grown diamonds are heavily exceeding natural diamonds at this time. 

This means that lab-grown diamonds are more available and therefore less expensive in many cases than natural ones. The discount can go to the tune of a 50% price difference between lab-grown ones and natural diamonds. Since price is a significant factor for many folks who are looking to buy jewelry, this can be a deciding factor in which type of diamond people buy. After all, the less you spend on the ring, the more you can budget for a wedding ceremony, reception, honeymoon, and life after the nuptial bliss wears off.

Another difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural ones is the resale value. While no one wants to think about reselling their engagement ring, sometimes finances or life circumstances require it. If you need or want to resell your lab-grown diamond ring, the results will be dismal. Usually, lab-grown diamonds are sold for pennies for every dollar they were initially worth. Natural diamonds, on the other hand, tend to rake in at least half the value they once had on resale. If the resale value of a diamond is important to you, then you’ll want to go with a natural diamond, hands down.

Similarities between lab and natural diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds look and feel exactly the same. No one will be able to tell if you are wearing a natural diamond or a lab-grown diamond. Even professionals would struggle to tell the difference at a glance. 



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