What To Do If You Can’t Repay a Pawn Shop Loan

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Are you wondering what to do if you can’t pay back a loan from pawn shop? Maybe you didn’t think it through initially because you needed the money. Pawn loans are ways that people can use their valuables to obtain loans. It is a great solution if you are ever short on finances and have no other outlets. This guide will help you learn your options if you fail to repay your pawn loan.

What Are My Options If I Can’t Repay My Pawn Shop Loan?

As a borrower, you have several options regarding repaying your pawn loan. You can either repay your loan and retrieve your item, pay off the interest and renew your loan for an additional 30 days, or keep the money that was loaned by not paying it back at all.

If you cannot pay off your loan when it is due, you can at least pay the interest to keep it active. This automatically renews your loan for an additional 30 days. However, you will be charged a fee every time you renew your loan, depending on how much is outstanding. This is why it is highly recommended that you at least pay off the interest in addition to the amount you would like to put toward the borrowed amount.

Sometimes, customers cannot pay the interest nor can they pay the loan off in full. In this case, if you decide to keep the amount borrowed in full, your item will now become the pawn shop’s property. They will put your item up for sale.

All pawn shop loan rules and regulations vary. Some pawn shops allow you to decide not to pay back the loan without it being reported to your credit. Credit is not associated with pawn transactions, but sometimes they can report them to collection agencies after they have become past due for at least 32 days. But you should never try this tactic with your car note or mortgage payment.

Additional Advice

Pawnbrokers do not plan on impounding items to be resold in their shops. Their goal is to ensure that you are a happy customer who will likely return to conduct more business. Pawnbrokers know that if they put an item up for sale that was pawned, they will only make a profit once. However, if you return and retrieve your item and continue to use their services again, they can make more money off that one item.

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