Popular Hunting Rifles This Season

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When hunting season is on the horizon, it is likely you are also looking at hunting season rifles in Barberton, OH. Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop often finds dwindling stock on hand as hunters seek their ideal deer rifle. If you are about to join this rush for the ideal hunting season rifle, here are the top brands this season to help you narrow down your search:

  • H&R Handi Rifle: This brand is best suited for those new to deer hunting. It is basic, with fewer moving parts, which gives the shooter less to think about when they are sighting in a deer. Action is simple, with a small level on the back that unlocks it and pivots open with a hinge. There is nothing complicated to remember or mess up, which is nice, as gun jams are often too common for beginners. For added safety for the first-time hunter, the exposed hammer makes it easy to determine whether the gun is loaded, which reduces the chance of accidents. The affordable price makes the H&R Handi Rifle even more ideal if this is your first hunting season.
  • Thompson/Center Pro Hunter FX: If you are traveling somewhere that does not allow hunting with optics, this muzzle loader is a good bet. The Pro Hunter has open sights, which make optic-free areas less challenging, and it offers a recoil-dampening system for those sensitive to kickback. These rifles are easy to clean, ergonomically comfortable, and an excellent choice if black powder hunting appeals to you this year.
  • Ambush 300 Blackout: The Blackout is definitely not an entry-level rifle. It shoots at 2,200 feet per second or more and uses supersonic .30-caliber loads. This allows quick kills if you want to drop a deer before it wanders to a neighboring plot where hunting or trespassing is not allowed. You may want to attach a sound suppressor to preserve your hearing and not bother those living nearby. The cost of this rifle is much higher than that of other models, but you will know you have a quality weapon for your hunting weekend.
  • Ruger American: This is a cost-effective option if you do not want the entry-level rifle and have some experience with deer hunting. The Ruger American is a long-standing brand that is basic, but effective. It offers an adjustable trigger and a three-lug action that is easy on your shoulder. That is a unique attribute distinguishing it from other bolt action rifles. If you are ready to upgrade from an entry-level model but cannot spend a large amount of money, this option will likely suit your needs with a combination of features and price.
  • Sako Finnlight: The Sako Finnlight received an Outdoor Life’s Editor’s Choice award due to accuracy and reliability. This is unusual for lighter thin-barreled rifles, but it remains accurate and resilient to the elements. Anyone who prefers a lighter rifle with less recoil will likely enjoy this model. It is offered in a range of calibers and will work for most of your hunting adventures.

Sydmor’s Jewelry and Pawn Shop offers a wide selection of hunting season rifles in Barberton, OH. Visit our shop soon to find the best deal on your next rifle.

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